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Celebrating Voices

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The Vocal Room strives to promote excellence in all voice related activities. We are based in the North East of England and have an outlook to work nationally and internationally, creating partnerships and opportunities and developing high standards in all areas of vocal practice.

We exist to:

Be a hub for vocal activity

Celebrate voices


Nurture and develop voices 

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The Vocal Room aims to create diverse opportunities for people to engage in activities related to the voice. Activities on offer may be centred around the singing or spoken voice and will be varied in genre and ability level. The Vocal Room aims to offer a programme of voice specific events that will inspire and engage people of all ages, from all cultural and economic backgrounds, creating equal opportunities for people to explore and celebrate both the singing and spoken voice.

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As an organisation that exists to celebrate the human voice, The Vocal Room will strive to create showcase events that support the wider activities of the organisation. We aim to create appropriate platforms to showcase voices regardless of age, ability or background. Activities will be voice centred but may be musical or non-musical, and should offer diverse formal or informal performance opportunities to celebrate the progress of participants. 

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As a place where voices can be nurtured and develop, The Vocal Room aims to offer a programme of voice specific activities that encourage and support vocal development, both singing and speaking, in individual and group scenarios. The focus for this aim is to be a centre for development and to offer opportunities for people to develop their voices in the most appropriate way for them. This may mean coaching and training provision, workshops, choirs, mentorship or performance opportunities to help voice users enhance and improve their current practice. Voice users may be recreational or professional, they may also be active performers or teachers. The Vocal Room strives to provide opportunities that will support and nurture their artistic and creative development.

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"The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all"

Arvo Part


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